General terms and conditions

The group course or individual coaching includes:

  • Individual medical preliminary clarification (cause analysis questionnaire will be sent to you after this registration)
  • Course methodology (150 slides) on the latest state of conventional medicine
  • Professional accompaniment/coaching by trained staff/doctors with high experience
  • Monthly seasonal newsletter for recipes via email
  • Excluding any further medications and doctors support (usually paid by health insurance companies)


Termination or interruption of the course is possible in compelling cases (e.g., relocation, stay abroad, pregnancy or failure to lose weight) upon request. Otherwise, the course fee remains due. We therefore recommend that you do not start the course if such a discontinuation or interruption is already foreseeable. The first two months after signing the contract are considered a trial period to get to know your course instructor and any group. If you cancel during the first two months, you must return the course materials to Rebalance

If you do not cancel during these two months, the contract will be extended to the chosen term. During this period, the contract can also be cancelled at any time, but only if the program does not achieve measurable success for you (weight higher than initial weight).


Zürich 8.6.2021