Scientifically Based Method

  • Dr. med. David Infanger, Senior Physician at Klinik Hirslanden for Metabolic Diseases, developed the basic principle of the courses. Rebalance is based on more than ten years of experience, with over 2000 patients, and has been methodically further refined.

Personal Training and Guidance

  • It is important that the participant is guided by an educated adviser, in order to achieve a sustainable weight loss. 

    It is possible to discover and overcome the challenging problems, and further change the diet within a period of two years, as long as you are provided with personal support, control and motivation. 



More Physical Activity

  • The participants will normally find the pleasure to exercise more, as soon as the first signs of the weight loss are visible. 

Motivation of the Participants

  • The success of the participant depends primarily on one’s motivation and determination. In addition, an attending medical doctor can make a significant contribution as well.

Contraindications and Allocations

  • The attending medical doctor has an opportunity for a collaboration/ teamwork. Based on the diagnosis of the patient, the medical doctor can refer overweight patients directly to one of our courses, and ideally offer a regular control in their own practice. 

    Our weight loss courses are suitable for adults (>18 years old), who would like to lose at least 10% of their body weight sustainably.

    Contraindications are a potential pregnancy or when suffering from a restrictive condition, such as depression, drug abuse, eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia or an insulin dependent diabetes.

    Ultimately, with the help from the application form will each patient be evaluated. The patient is only admitted to the program if all the criteria are met, and has a high chance to succeed.  

Detailed Information in Printer Version

  • Rebalance owes its remarkable success to the scientifically based method:  PDF herunterladen

Assigning Patients

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