What does Rebalance Offer?

  • Rebalance advise people towards a sustainable weight loss, avoiding agonising diets and a lifelong renouncement. We achieve it together and we help keeping your desired weight.

    We can inspire/motivate you with a program who demonstrates uniquely high long-term success, and experience a body sensation, wellbeing and the joy of life!

    Your body is an irreplaceable asset – you only have one. Take it easy, listen to your body, try to understand it and make small alterations.

How does Rebalance Work?

  • Rebalance is not a diet, but rather a productive partnership between participants, medical doctors and nutritionists. Considering your preferences and habits, we will guide you step by step towards your ideal weight with a long-term success!

    You define your very personal goals. We offer professional courses, individual support and support in the realisation of your ambitions. Your health is important to us!

    Thanks to our profound expertise and experiences, you do not have to be afraid of the yo-yo effect. Our sustainable method changes and shapes your everyday life. Discover a new, balanced body sensation together with us!

How does Rebalance Generate such a High Long-Term Success Rate?

  • Rebalance uses a convincing method based on current findings of medical research. Previous experience shows that more than 80% of the course visitors have been able to maintain their weight loss to this day.

    This weight loss effect can only be achieved by intensive support from highly qualified professionals over a 2 years’ period. Together, we analyse and optimise your nutritional processes, in order to consistently lead you towards your personal goals.

    Simple and practical rules provide new perspectives and helps with the implementation of a balanced alteration of the diet. Thus, you will experience a successful weight loss, without depending on certain special products, excessive sport or unilateral diets.

What Courses does Rebalance Provide?

  • Meetings take place once a month over a two years’ period. You can book individual (flexible) or motivational group courses. This allows an intensive exchange of experience with the other participants.

    The content of the course provide medical advices and individual care through medical doctors with support from the nutritionists.

    If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact your course instructor by e-mail or telephone. In addition, you will receive ongoing supportive information via our monthly newsletters.

Course program details

  • Current courses:

    Stadt Termin Zeit Ort Referent(en)
    Zürich 2. Monday 19h Klinik Hirslanden Dr. med. Willy Bischofberger
    Basel 4. Thursday 18h ClaraSpital Dr. med. Alex Stalder
    Bern 3. Wednesday 18h Impact Hub Bern Dr. med. Severin Pinilla
    Biel 3. Monday 19h LagoLodge Nidau Dr. med. Barbara Lampérth
    Olten 3. Wednesday 19h Hotel Aramis Dr. med. Kristina da Fonseca
    Baar 1. Monday 18h AH Martinspark Pract. med. Martina Gloor
    Andelfingen 1. Monday 19.30h tbd Dr. med. Catja Wyler van Laak
    Chur 2. Monday 18:00h Kantonsspital Graubünden Dr. med. Charlotte Sadowski

    The courses last for about a total of 2 years

Detailed Information in print version

People in Charge

  • The Rebalance team has many years of practical experience and a high degree of specialization and medical expertise. An intensive exchange of information and knowledge between the complementary areas of competence is our basis for providing expert support in every situation.

  • Dr. Med. D. Infanger is responsible for the medical care and support. He is a Specialist for Internal Medicine at Klinik Hirslanden in Zürich. Dr. Med. W. Enz is responsible for the management of the weight loss courses. Questions about body and eating habits are answered the nutritionist D. Schneider. She works in the Competence Centre for Metabolic Diseases at Klinik Hirslanden.

  • This team offer you a professional, conscientious and experienced atmosphere. Your health and your personal goals are our highest priority!

An Interdisciplinary, Medical, Specialist Team

  • The Rebalance Program is managed by an interdisciplinary team of medical doctors. It is characterised by many years of practical experience and a high degree of specialisation and expertise. A thorough exchange of information and knowledge between the medical specialists and our medical team leading the course, are the basis’ for providing profound support in every situation.

    Nutritional medicine: Dr. med. David Infanger, Hirslanden Zurich
    Nutritional advice: Daniela Schneider, competence center for metabolic diseases
    Movement / Sports Medicine: Dr. med. Kristina da Fonseca, doctor and exercise and nutrition coach
    Sleep medicine: Dr. med. Tobias Herren, Inselspital Bern
    Psychiatry: Dr. med. Achim Gooss, FMH Psychiatry & Psychotherapy, Chief Physician Arud Center for Addiction Medicine, Zurich

Medical Course Instructors

  • Experienced medical doctors with appropriate training and certification are responsible for managing the group courses and individual treatments at Rebalance. They are carefully recruited, further trained, and gradually introduced to the program until they can take on the course guidance, become a course instructor and do individual coaching. You will regularly become involved with experienced course participants and the medical doctors (mentioned above) to exchange information, experience and for further education. The effectiveness of the course and participant satisfaction are continuously monitored.

        The 'chemistry' to your course instructor is another important success factor. Please take a look at the following 1 minute video clips of your future course instructors located close to. What do you prefer? A female or a male medical doctor, young and dynamic or experienced, a general practitioner or a specialist (internal, pathology / breast cancer, psychosomatics, urology), with / without children (mother / father / parenting experience), with sports experience (yoga, SAC, kayaking, hiking, skiing, jogging), with experience from abroad (Italy, Norway, England, Denmark, Czech Republic)?
    (The course instructors are answering the following questions in the video clips: Who are they – professionally/ privately? Why the have chosen to become a course instructor? Why they like Rebalance? How they want to motivate the participants?)

  • Dr. med. Severin Pinilla in Bern, M.Ed. MPH, general practitioner FMH. Currently working as an assistant doctor in further training as a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy at the University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (UPD) in Bern with a research focus in medical didactics.

  • Dr. med. Kristina da Fonseca, doctor (federal state examination), assistant doctor at the St Urban Clinic for Old Age Psychiatry, assistant doctor in child and adolescent psychiatry, outpatient clinic in Olten. Exercise and nutrition coaching. Former international competitive athlete (middle distance run 800 m -5000 m). Mother. Born in Berlin in 1972.

  • Willy Bischofberger, founder and president of Rebalance and himself affected. Head of group course for sustainable weight loss at the Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich.

  • Dr. med. Marc Fouradoulas in Zürich – FMH Specialist in General Internal Medicine and Psychosomatic Medicine, SAPPM, Praxisgemeinschaft St. Jakobsstrasse 57, 8004 Zürich, YOB: 1979

  • Dr. med. Catja Wyler van Laak, FMH Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, focus on forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy.
    Advice and coaching for sustainable weight loss. Head of group course in Andelfingen.

  • Pract. med. Martina Gloor - qualified doctor (federal state examination), currently working in the anesthesia department and with experience in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Head of group course for sustainable weight loss in Baar.

  • Dr. med. et MME Charlotte Sadowski Meyer, FMH Surgery, focus on visceral surgery. Head of group course for sustainable weight loss in Chur.

  • Dr. med. Barbara Lampérth, general practitioner, general internal medicine FMH. Head of group course for sustainable weight loss in Biel.

  • Dr. med. Silvia Puglia in Zurich - FMH internal medicine, FMH cardiology, senior physician at the Olten cantonal hospital, assistant doctor at the Triemli hospital and the cantonal hospitals of Basel, Geneva and Lugano.

  • MSc Henriette Saevil (English) – Clinical Nutritionist, Master of Science from England, Bachelor of Science from Denmark, Grammar School in Norway, YOB: 1990




  • Dr. med Martin Sonderegger in Winterthur – FMH Specialist in General Internal Medicine, Medical Doctor with special function, Psychiatry St. Gallen North, previously Telemedicine, Freelance Medical Journalist

  • Dr. med. Alex Stalder, FMH general medicine, longstanding general practice in Binningen near Basel, chief physician at the Basel private hospital, lecturer. Head of group course for sustainable weight loss in Basel.

  • Dr. med. Katherine Ponnath, Instructor for individual care

  • Dr. med. Achim Gooss, FMH Psychiatry & Psychotherapy, Chief Physician Arud Center for Addiction Medicine, Zurich