How to achieve and keep a healthy body weight without a yo-yo effect and special products

Rebalance is a specialist in sustainable weight loss without a yo-yo effect. Rebalance is not a diet, but a motivating accompaniment to the permanent change-over towards other enjoyable everyday habits.

The success is based on the discovery of new everyday habits in eating / drinking / sleeping & movement behavior and medical accompaniment over a longer period of time. If you succeed, you can look forward to a healthier and leaner longer life.

Rebalance currently accompanies 15,000 overweight and formerly overweight adults in Switzerland. That is why Rebalance offers public lectures, individual cause analyzes, medically-guided group courses and telemedical individual care for sustainable weight loss (German and English) as well as a seasonal monthly recipe newsletter to motivate for a permanent change in diet.

The Rebalance recipe newsletter is a free offer for all interested and course participants. With variety and diversity, it contains seasonal ideas and inspiration for suitable, easy recipes for losing weight.


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